Workshop Series: Water and Value Workshop-Living Sustainably with Water: An Interdisciplinary Challenge, organised by Dr Jill Robbie and Prof Minty Donald

The University of Glasgow, funded by the Programme Grant, is hosting a series of Workshops which aim to bring together researchers from a diverse range of disciplines and relevant stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the conceptualisation of water from a variety of perspectives. This will allow the co-production of a future interdisciplinary research

Decentralised Water Technologies Project RA-Day 29th April 2022

The decentralised water project research assistants have taken part in their first RA-day of the project on the 29th of April, taking place within the University of Glasgow. The purpose of these days is to encourage and promote cross discipline discussion, team building and some light-hearted fun. The day started with a general overview/quick summary of

Prof Blanca Antizar, winner of the ‘Women of the Year’ Award at iAgua 2022

Congratulations to Professor Blanca Antizar, European Director of Consultancy at Isle Utilities and a member of our Advisory Board, who is the winner of the ’Women of the Year’ award at the prestigious iAgua 2022. This award is in recognition of Blanca’s contribution to positioning the company as a leading consultancy in the fields of

Dr Siming You awarded Royal Society international exchange grant

Dr Siming You, has been awarded a Royal Society international exchange grant to collaborate with researchers from the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project aims to work on an integrated process to recover high quality bio-oil from organic waste like sludge.

The Royal Society Scientific Meeting / Microbial ecology for engineering biology 28-29 March 2022

Microbial ecology for engineering biology Overview: Theo Murphy scientific meeting organised by Professor Thomas Curtis and Dr Jane Fowler. Professor William Sloan delivered his presentation: ‘Engineering biology is a broad church that is united by the need for predictive population biology models’. Anastasiia Kostrytsia delivered a poster presentation on ‘Targeted genome centric metagenomics to recover active