Water infrastructure fit for the 21st century

The centralised model for water infrastructure established in the 19th century has served us well, but it comes with high energy, capital and maintenance costs that are not compatible with a global net-zero carbon and sustainable economy.

Our vision is a future for off-grid water and wastewater biological treatment systems that operate with the ease, convenience and reliability of commercial domestic appliances (or community-scale versions of them).

Our Objectives

  1. Reliability
    New systems must be reliable so that they are dependable for end users.
  2. Ease of maintenance
    New solutions require the development of new maintenance approaches.
  3. Safety
    Safety is paramount. End users will be able to take control of their water-related health.
  4. Desirable to end users
    Technologies must be desirable to end users. We will work to overcome barriers to adoption.
  5. Affordable
    We will work to ensure new solutions are economically viable for communities.
  6. Effective
    New off-grid test solutions to ensure efficacy will be developed.
  7. Desirable to legislators
    New approaches must be acceptable to regulators and legislators.


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