Guest lecture on MSc Water Resource Management module

  • Guest lecture titled ‘Governing water resources in 21st century Scotland’.
  • MSc module Water Resource Management, Scotland’s Rural College.
  • 13th February 2024
  • Joseph Black Building, The University of Edinburgh Kings Buildings Campus

Dr Elizabeth Lawson, presented her research on water governance in Scotland and how the system has evolved into its current state. The lecture was 2.5 hours long, so was split into multiple shorter presentation and interactive group work sessions. Students took part in a number of lively discussions ranging from ‘what the role of the state should be in water and wastewater management’ to ‘should anyone be required by law to connect to mains water or wastewater services’. The lecture was attended in person by approximately 25 students and recorded for any who couldn’t attend on the day.

The aim of the lecture was to introduce the students to the current day Scottish Water sector and discuss the realities of centralised vs decentralised infrastructure.

The last activity of the session was centred around the current Scottish Government water, wastewater and drainage consultation. Students analysed the form of the questions themselves and came up with alternative future management practices for the Scottish context.