Carbon Neutral Islands Field Trip to Barra and Vatersay


Prof Bill Sloan and Dr Robbie presenting at Barra Professor Bill Sloan and Dr Jill Robbie joined a field trip to Barra on 30th November and 1st December 2022 with members of the Carbon Neutral Islands team. The Carbon Neutral Islands project is a Scottish Government commitment aimed at supporting 6 chosen islands to become carbon neutral by 2040. As communities on Barra are also participating in the Decentralised Water Technologies project (DWT), Bill and Jill joined the field trip to explore synergies between the two projects.

During the field trip, Bill and Jill got the chance to meet with inspiring members of the community who are implementing projects to reduce the carbon footprint of activities on the island, including the Barra Distillery (pictured). Bill and Jill also gave a presentation on the aims and progress of the DWT research at a community meeting and received feedback on the project. Members of the DWT team will return to Barra in the summer to take part in a Science Festival, aimed at engaging with secondary school children.