Landscape Research Group / Arran Critical Field Study Trip


Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Elizabeth Lawson, travelled to the Isle of Arran on the 10th – 15th October 2022  as part of the Landscape Research Group’s (LRG) first Critical Field Study trip. The trip was designed by LRG, to provide members with the opportunity to explore current landscape research issues on the Isle of Arran, whilst exchanging knowledge and building diverse networks of practice.

The group selected for the trip included researchers from a wide range of disciplines including landscape architecture, soil science, archaeology, history and law. Themes of ‘Rewilding and Regeneration’, ‘Seascapes’, ‘Soil to Plate’ and ‘Empire and Landscape’ were explored across the week-long trip, with each day providing the opportunity for group reflection, discussion, and presentations around varying landscape perspectives. The trip provided the members of the Decentralised Water Technologies project with the ability to witness first-hand how the Isle of Arran’s existing water and wastewater systems operate, and to interact with the wider landscape and local communities.

 More information on the Landscape Research Group can be found here