EPSRC Programme Grant on Off-grid Water Technologies Plenary Meeting


The third plenary meeting of the EPSRC Programme Grant on Off-grid Water Technologies was held on the 31st August 2022.  The event was held as a hybrid meeting, with some attending in-person at the Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow and others joining online via Zoom.   The format of the meeting included technical presentations, delivered by the academic investigators, summarising progress so far and giving an overview of the research developments.

Dr Jill Robbie led a discussion on the Scottish Government Consultation for Land Reform in a Net Zero Nation.  All in attendance were invited to propose, from their experience or perspective, legal reforms in relation to land reform which they would like to see included in the new Bill.

Professor Bill Sloan introduced a discussion topic around what project stakeholders would like to see in connection with an outreach facility or activities that could be developed to bring communities together to explore net-zero water technologies.  This topic will be further investigated.

The plenary meeting with stakeholders followed an event on the 30th August 2022 at which the Postdoctoral Researchers presented their findings in detail to the research team.

In attendance at the plenary meeting:

The Research Team (Academic Investigators and Post Graduate Research Team)

Matthew Bower, Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland

Maria Calderon Munoz, EPSRC

Euan Scott, Barra and Vatersay Community Ltd.

Donald McNicol, Eco Savvy Arran

Shiona Ruhemann, Iona Renewables

Neil Gow, Jura Development Trust

Alex Pritchard, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Elise Cartmell, Scottish Water

George Ponton, Scottish Water

Susan Lee, Scottish Water

Brian McCarthy, Scottish Water

Lorna Neilson, Scottish Water

Stephen Sandilands, Ross-shire Engineering Ltd

Emma Ash, Consumer Scotland

Sue Walker, Scottish Water Independent Customer Group