Advisory Board

Prof Thammarat Koottatep

Prof Thammarat Koottatep at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, directs the ‘South East Asia Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Hub’ for decentralised water and sanitation.

Prof Blanca Antizar

Prof Blanca Antizar is European Director of Isle Utilities – an international water technology company. Blanca is recipient of many prestigious prizes for her innovative water engineering solutions.

Prof Cesar Rossa Mota Filho

Prof Cesar Rossa Mota Filho, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil directs the Brazilian, National Institute of Science and Technology on Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plants.

Prof Caetano Dorea

Prof Caetano Dorea leads the PH2E laboratory at the University of Victoria and works in communities across the world, from Malawi to the Amazon and with Nunavik Innuits in Northern Canada. He is an expert in water supply for disaster relief and works with refugees, currently in Bangladesh.